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Trenchless Technology
in the North East.

No need to excavate your drains.

Aquarod Ltd has invested heavily in trenchless technology. All of our engineers are trained to WRc (Water Research Centre) standard and are registered with EUSR (Energy Utility Skills Register).

Trenchless technology is used to repair and revitalise your drainage system whilst removing the need to excavate.

What is trenchless technology used for?

Root removal
Encrustation removal
Milling & descaling
Removing settled deposits
CIPR lining
Lateral connection reinstatement

CIPR repairs.

Aquarod Ltd are approved installers of the Pipe Doctor No-Dig Patch Repair System.

Pipe Doctor is our preferred choice as it is the only WRc approved patch repair system in the marketplace (certificate number PT/318/0311).

It is an extremely high-performance no-dig pipe repair solution that provides a quick and efficient way to repair damaged and defective drains. Our system can be used to repair pipes of 70-150mm diameter, and even larger diameters if required.

Aquarod Ltd install the patch repair internally and this removes the need for expensive, disruptive and time-consuming excavation work.

Key Benefits

  • Permanent and watertight pipe repair

  • Environmentally and ecologically friendly

  • No need to excavate

  • The only WRc Approved patch repair in the marketplace, used globally.

Picote milling & descaling.

Aquarod Ltd have introduced the Picote range as part of our services offered. Picote are world leaders in supplying high-speed drain cleaning and rehabilitation equipment. Their equipment enables us to offer many services from root removal to concrete cutting and many other applications in between. 

With the use of our Picote equipment, we can offer the latest technology in drain rehabilitation.


Aquarod Ltd use SealGuard for stopping water ingress in pump stations and manholes where the process involves injecting polyurethane grout into the affected area. The system used is capable of stopping water ingress at a rate of 50 GPM (gallons per minute) OR 3 LPS (litres per second). Once the grout has cured any excess is trimmed back and removed.

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