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Drainage Surveys in
the North East.

Stop your drains becoming a problem.

Over time drainage systems can become problematic and the most efficient way to identify these problems is to conduct a camera inspection.
There are several reasons why you may decide that your drainage system needs inspecting. Drains and sewers can become clogged or damaged over time when these problems occur or are suspected an accurate inspection and diagnosis is critical to find the most cost-effective solution.
Aquarod Ltd are industry experts in drain surveys and sewer examination. We incorporate the use of our specialist equipment and many years of knowledge and experience, to provide our customers with comprehensive reports on the condition of their drainage system.

Reasons for a drainage survey.

Home buyer reports
Rodent issues
Fault identification
Conditional reports
Build over agreements
Flood defence issues
Drain tracing & location
Environmental agency outfall permits

Drainage surveys for home buyers.

You require the peace of mind that your dream home is not going to reveal any unexpected problems. The last thing you need is having the unwanted expense to repair damaged drains when you have already pushed yourself financially. In modern times and with general tightening of insurance policy schedules, it is very rare that your insurance company will pick up the tab for any drainage issue you inherited with your new home, especially in the absence of a survey report. In fact, a drain survey is something that mortgage lenders, surveyors and home insurance companies insist on for properties over a certain age or value. 


There is currently work being carried out to ensure drainage reports become mandatory in all home buyer reports. This is currently being addressed with representatives from NADC (national association of drainage contractors) and RICS (registered institute of chartered surveyors).


As a company we have carried out drainage survey’s nationwide, some of our projects include the mapping and tracing of large stately homes on behalf of the National Trust. 

We have mapped several Forest Holiday sites providing the client with the current condition and location reports.

Surveyed many sites nationwide for HC-One a nationwide care provider, these works were carried out inline with the CQC (care quality commission) requirements.

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