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Drain Clearance in
the North East

Get your drains cleared fast.

A blocked drain is something that most of us will have encountered at some point and as you can imagine it is not very pleasant. 

Early detection is one of the most important things where a blocked drain is concerned this is for many reasons the main one being health and safety. A blocked drain can present a serious hygiene risk that needs to be resolved as soon as possible, Aquarod Ltd have all the specialist equipment to ensure we get your system flowing freely once again.

Most domestic blockages are caused by sanitary products being flushed into the system or the build-up of FOG (fats – oils – grease) these blockages can be cleared by means of rodding or the use of high-pressure jetting. 

Rodding involves connecting drainage rods together with various attachments on the end to break up the blockage, high-pressure jetting is quite a bit more specialist it involves introducing a high-pressure hose into the drain with a pre-selected nozzle which will work its way through the system breaking up the blockage as it passes. In some cases, a mechanical drain clearance is required this has a similar principle to high-pressure jetting but there is no pressure or water. We feed a cable into the system which travels through the drain with the aid of the electrical equipment which is attached to the cable for this application we have various electromechanical tools of various sizes.

For drain clearance to be carried out successfully and as safely as possible we insist that all our engineers are fully trained and qualified and carry up to date WJA (water jetting association cards).

Aquarod Ltd have spent many years building up a fantastic reputation in the North East for providing a fast and efficient service for all your drain clearance and blocked drain requirements.

Should you find that your drainage issue is something more serious than a general blocked drain then we would advise a camera inspection be carried out, more information about this can be found on our drainage survey page.

If you find you are suffering from persistent blockages in your drainage system, one of the biggest causes can be tree roots entering the drainage system. In most cases this can be resolved for more information about this please visit our trenchless technology page.


Whether your issue is domestic or commercial Aquarod Ltd have all the specialist equipment for even the most difficult of blockages, we are well respected for our knowledge and experience, should you require our services or need advice please give us a call we will be happy to help.

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